FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

No, Kombi Brazil is specialised in logistics and export consulting services. The vehicles posted on our website are owned by 3rd parties who seek us out to assist them in the sale and export of their vehicles. Our core business is to assist our clients through the entire purchase process, handling all of the documentation, Brazilian logistics, and vehicle inspections pre and post purchase.

As Kombi Brazil is required to pay for the cars prior to collection and exportation, we are only able to accept orders that are funded. As soon as the payment is made, we purchase the car on the buyer's behalf and begin the export process. In the case of project cars, and as agreed upon with the contracted garage, there is a possibility of dividing payments throughout the duration of the project.

As soon as the buyer confirms interest in acquiring a specific car, we collect the buyer’s full name and address and provide a proforma invoice considering all costs at the currency exchange rate of that day. This proforma invoice is valid for 01 business day from issuance and payment is made via bank transfer, payment instructions are located on the actual proforma invoice.

PayPal does not guarantee transactions involving motorized vehicles. Also the applied fees make it a unviable option for this market.

Yes. The proforma invoice issued includes this insurance. On this invoice you will find detailed information about your car and our business. In the event of a transport problem we assume responsibility.

From the moment of payment and once the containers are aligned, the shipment takes from 6 to 8 weeks until arrival at the port of entry..

No. We can make a quote for delivery at your doorstep, but you can of course pick it up at the port yourself if you desire.

If the car purchased is new, the manufacturer's warranty applies. For the rest of the vehicles, the car does not come with a guarantee. In order for the buyer to certify the quality of the car and avoid unpleasant surprises, we offer the complete vehicle inspections service pre and post purchase.

As Kombi Brazil was never the owner of your car we can not accept it back. However, in the case you are not satisfied with your car we will provide assistance in finding a new owner through our website. We do not charge for this service. As soon as the car is sold the entire balance will become available to buy and ship another car by your order.

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