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In this category the work is done looking for significant improvements in the functioning or structure of the car. We recommend making structural repairs, replacing a damaged part with a new one and renovating the mechanical and electrical parts.

Check out the list that fits:

Body shop:
– Eliminate rust and excess mass
– Exchange of critical body parts – Structural
– Preparation and painting
– Full Polishing

– Engine, gear or suspension cleaning.
– Engine operation (Full overhaul)
– Operation of the brake system (Complete overhaul)
– Operation of the steering system (complete renovation)
– Suspension operation (Full overhaul)
– Exchange Operation (Full Review)

– Complete renovation
– Suitability for camper projects
– Customization of extra lanterns or internal lights
– Sound system installation

Mounting + Accessories
– Exchange of damaged parts
– Installation of new accessories
– Transformations (Samba – Camper)

– Customization of seats, sides and roof
– Installation of curtains, seat belts
– Camper Projects

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